Diver V1 by Atmistique

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Atomizer diver atmistique
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Diver V1 by Atmistique

RM190.00 RM180.00

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The Diver is a new repairable atomizer in size and shape identical to a type cartomizer 510d. So it is ideal for diving and use in tanks. The design was based on an old idea in 2011, which waited for the right time to materialize. In the course of the final version, we had six different variations seeking the ideal distance and blended base, ceramic, sized hole and tube.

Made of stainless steel 304L (except the brass pole) consists of four elements: base, pole, and a ceramic tube. The resistance in the ideal wire combination with / without resistance.

The package contains a fully rigged with evaporator and an additional resistance ceramic.

Some useful tips for using:

  • Screw the pipe (lubrication of o-ring with a little liquid will help you in it) at the bottom of a steamer and make this a distinctive mark on the height of the side hole of the tube, such that you can easily differentiate.
  • Remove the tube and pressing the ceramic insert, into the base of the evaporator, so that the edges of the two slots of the ceramic, forming an equilateral triangle with the mark made earlier at the base of the steamer.
  • Place the two ends of the resistance within the respective holes of the ceramic. One side turn it into the hole on the bottom of the ceramic and the other pull up.
  • Take care so that when you cut the wicks being so close, so do not touch the evaporator coils. Do not forget to notisete before screwing the pipe.
  • When installing the pole, after the introduction of ceramic, do not forget to press respectively the ceramic in order not to leave the correct position.
  • The steamer can work without wire with zero resistance, but will give maximum performance using a combination of wire with / without resistance.
  • Can be mounted on any tank height 35mm (can be put in tanks of 45mm using long driptip column), but which also has oring to seal well. Otherwise you overfeed and leakage to the pole of a steamer.


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Atomizer diver atmistique

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